Lavender Oil / Homemde Goodness

I have a lot of Lavender in my garden.... ohh what to do with it. Ice-cream? Definetly. Body Oil... let's try it.

Lavender Oil Recipe: From All4NaturalHealth
  • This can be prepared by filling a jar with lavender stems with leaves and flowers that have been lightly crushed.
  • The high quality almond or olive oil should be poured on top thereafter and this mixture should be allowed to steep for about a month.
  • The jar should be gently shaken daily to ensure that the lavender and oil mix well.
  • After about a month, the mixture needs to be strained through a strainer and the oil needs to be transferred to a clean covered jar.

Using such a method to make lavender oil, within the confines of one’s home, requires no elaborate distilling process and the oil is authentic in its composition; it also serves as massage oil with soothing and rejuvenating properties.

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