Lavender Sugar

Great for Meringues

As you know, I have an abudance of Lavender in my garden and have been busy making all sorts from this beautiful fragrant flower. I recently came across lavendar infused meringues and two different methods for making them.

First methid, infuse the sugar with lavender and make the meringues in the normal way; the second is to include the flowers directly in the meringues. Both delicious!

So, Lavender Infused Sugar

  • 350g/¾lb golden granulated or golden caster sugar
  • 8-16tbsp chopped and dry flower petals
  • For the floral sugar, put the sugar and chopped flowers into a food processor or liquidiser and process well; use a Pestel and Morter if you want to work those biceps.
  • Put the floral sugar into an airtight glass jar, cover well and let it stand for a week.
  • After a week sift the sugar and flowers through a medium sieve and put into an airtight container until you are ready to use.
What could be easier. Follow on to make the meringues....

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