Real Butter

The need for real butter in a world full of spreads

You've seen the ads, "Tastes like butter", "looks like butter", maybe evens "smells like butter" but it's not and let's face it, a dairy-spread is just not butter.

I use butter in quite a few of my recipes and I'd recommend that you do too. However, where I get really fussy is what you put on your freshly baked sodabread, brack, scones - that has to be butter... real authentic butter.

In the US they have Salted Butter and Unsalted Butter - I've tasted neither but I've noticed that Kerrygold Butter is being marketed to the USA now. This is what I'm talking about - real Irish Butter! Even if your bread or scones aren't the May West, this will make them taste great. Add some Jam (Irish speak, called Jelly in the US) and you're pretty close to heaven.

Update: I took a look around the Kerrygold website and found that they also list Dubliner Irish Cheese - if you like a mature Chedder, this is good stuff.

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