Buttermilk Dilema

The search for an alternate to Buttermilk

I recently wrote about my grandeos experiment to see how Cream of Tartar and Breadsoda can be used in Irish soda bread without the need for Buttermilk. Well, the news is good Buttermilk lovers and producers everywhere.... the bread without buttermilk wasn't good. In fact it was pretty awful.

I followed my usual (Irish) Brown bread recipe but used 2 tps of Cream of Tartar and fresh milk instead of Buttermilk. Everything started well and the dough looked pretty promised as it headed into the oven. The tap-tap on the loaf after 45 mins sounded good. I was encouraged, even optimistic at this stage; alas it wasn't to last.

The bread was brittle; brittle is not as good as crumbly and crumbly is not good. Let's not jump to conclusions though - what about the taste? Aaaagghhhh, awful. I thought for a nanosecond about trying again and altering the ingredients but no, I reached for the buttermilk and made myself a nice loaf of white soda bread. Ah, the bliss of normality returned to my kitchen.

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burekaboy — said...

i think there is something about the alchemy of buttermilk with cream of tartar that cannot be achieved with regular milk. what if you used soured milk (1 tsp vinegar to 1 c milk) instead and see if that works? just a suggestion :) sorry your experiment didn't pan out.