Natural Yoghurt

Never quite sure if it's Yogurt or Yoghurt, either way, I'm partial to natural yoghurt and so much so, I looked at how I could make my own. I never imagined it could be so easy, and I mean so, so incredibly easy.


1/2 Pint Whole Milk or Low Fat Milk, whichever is your preference
1 Tablespoon of Live Natural Yoghurt

Note: The yoghurt has to be live.


Make sure your starter yoghurt is live; you can buy live yoghurt in most supermarkets - the best starter is live organic; you'll be using the cultures in the live yoghurt to convert your milk into yoghurt - once you've made the first batch then you can use it the make the next and so on.  If this recipe/method does not work then you've probably not used live yoghurt to start.  Big hint: the start has to be live!

For this you'll need a sterile glass jar and lid (heat it the oven to sterilise it) and some aluminium foil.

Heat the milk to near boiling but don't allow it to boil.  Allow to blood temperature and add the live yoghurt and give it a good mix. Pour the mixture into the sterile jar, seal it and wrap the entire jar and lid in aluminium foil - this keeps the heat in.

Now you need to leave the jar for 12/24 hours in a warm place (back in Ireland, a 'hot press' would be perfect for this). I've found that an ideal place is in the oven with just the light on - if you place the wrapped jar beside the light bulb in the oven, the bulb gives off just enough heat to keep the jar warm and allow the cultures to develop and convert the milk into yoghurt.  This is the delicate part - too hot or too cold will kill the live cultures - you may have to experiment to find the perfect location in your home.

You'll know when it's done; it will look, smell and taste like yoghurt - pop it into the fridge the stop it "cooking".

Of course, as you use the yoghurt you'll know when it's time to make the next batch - cultures aren't killed in the fridge so you can use your own yoghurt in a never ending cycle.

Now, isn't that easy?

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