Donate a Recipe

I'm always looking for new Recipes - leave a comment on this post and I'll try out your suggestions....


Anonymous said...

You can't have a site like this without a reciope for Brown Bread! Where is it?

Freddie /\/\

S.J.E. said...

The Brown Bread recipe is here now; try it and let me know what you think.

Robin said...

Really enjoyed your blog.

Are you able to send the pea soup recipe to for the food page with a link to your blog?

We'd like very much to have it because of its simplicity.
Thank you

The Irish Baker said...

No problem Robin - post away. Glad you liked it.

I like cooking/baking but I get the most kicks out of recipes that have a quick return ie. are simple to follow yet produce great tasting food. I also have a leaning towards healthy [except the Sweeth Tooth section].

Keep checking back.