Softer Crust - Part II

How to achieve that elusive soft crust on home baked bread

Previously I wrote about tips and tricks to ensure that homemade bread (Irish brown bread in particular) doesn't suffer from an overly hard crust.  The adding of Oil and wrapping the bread in a tea-towel both help.

Recently I read that adding an egg would also help so I tried it last night.

Success !  This morning's bread is pretty much my best ever - here what I did:-

  • Followed my basic Brown Bread Recipe
  • Added two tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Added one egg
  • Lightly beat the egg and oil together before adding with the milk
  • When finished baking, wrapped the bread in tea towel and allowed to cool
The result is slightly crumbly but definitely a softer crust.  Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

I you want soft crust, you may want to add milk and mashed potatoes or potato water (water that potatoes were boiled in). I've also made bread that used egg yolks only and milk.