Another New Year and yet more resolutions....

Five Top Tips for the best New Year Resolutions

Seems like every New Year starts with a set of resolutions to improve one's outlook on life, health and the environment. The Irish Baker is no different but this year I'm hoping to be more realistic in what I can achieve. Five new rules:-

  • Drink less coffee - you don't have to have a coffee cup on your desk all day with coffee in it!
  • Eat more fruit - enough said.
  • Be more patient, count to 10 (or more) when stress starts.
  • Don't park in the nearest spot, or drive around looking for a spot close by - just park and walk the remainder. Saves Gas and is better for you.
  • Chew food slowly and completely, savour the tastes... should mean I eat a little less too!
Sounds easy on Jan 4th - let's see how we're doing in a few months time.......

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