Fishing for Mackerel

Summer time fishing for Atlantic Mackerel!

There's nothing quite like a fresh mackerel, under a grill or on a BBQ with lots of real Irish butter.  So, with that in mind there was a trip to the attic to retreive the rods and tackle, last year's success lingered slightly in the tackle box!

Still, you can't beat the excitment of the first cast - youthfully anticipation abounds... and as it happens was all around as my boys were with me [managing multiple children, rods, hooks - that's another story].

Thankfully we managed to lose all that old tackle, wasn't upto much anyway, and as the tide started to turn the number of bites intensified.  Surely soon we'd have the makings of our meal.  Alas, as the tide ebbed so too did our anticipation.  It wasn't our day.

The rods will be out again tomorrow and we'll catch our mackerel, the tug on the line and flash of silver will make the heart leap.

As for How we'll cook them? Let's catch the little buggers first.
Just add butter and a hot grill!

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